Thursday, February 21st

Crank Arm Brewing

7PM–Chris Stamey

Friday, February 22rd

North Carolina State University’s James B. Hunt Jr. Library

7PM–William T. Vollmann–SOLD OUT (waitlist spots available)

Saturday, February 23rd

HQ Raleigh

10am-6pm–The 2019 North Carolina Book Festival Book Fair

CAM Raleigh

11am–Jaki Shelton Green in conversation with David Menconi

12pm–Elaine Neil Orr in conversation with Kathryn Schwille

1:15pm–Alan Shapiro

2:15pm–Belle Boggs, Jill McCorkle, Samia Serageldin and Daniel Wallace read from Mothers and Strangers

3:15pm–Hub City Press Presents: The Charles Frazier Cold Mountain Fund Series


5:15pm–June Eric-Udorie

7:00pm–Sandra Cisneros–SOLD OUT (waitlist spots available)

All day–Marcelle Crickenberger Illuminated Topographies: Using Immersive Media to Locate Hidden Narratives in Analog Underpainting


12pmMFABFF w/ Wilton Barnhardt, Belle Boggs, Eduardo C. Corral, John Kessel, Jill McCorkle and Joe Millar

1pm–John Kessel in conversation with Michael Blumlein

2pm–Brockton McKinney in conversation with Bo Fader

3pm–Mesha Maren in conversation with Daniel Wallace

4pm–David Menconi presents A Life in Music Books

5pm–Jeff Jackson in conversation with Scott McClanahan

Neptune’s Parlour

Poetry Under the Sea

12:30pm–Hannah Evangeline Edwards and Emilia Phillips

1:30pm–Lauren Hunter and Hannah Vanderhart

2:30pm–Joseph Millar and Jon Thompson

3:30pm–Eduardo C. Corral and David Welch

4:30pm–Tyree Daye and Destiny Hemphill

Quail Ridge Books


10:30am–Under the Tree storytime with Jonathan Voss

2PM–Paul Tillery

4:30PM–Music Together with Jean Marie Whaley

6:00PM–Teen Writing Panel with Kati Gardner and Kwame Mbala

So & So Books

1pm–Scott Huler–Raleigh Tunnel Tour SOLD OUT

Sunday, February 24th


Sunday Sendoff w/ Hanif Abdurraqib–SOLD OUT (waitlist spots available)

2pm–Notes On A Tribe Called Quest, featuring Natalie Bullock Brown, David Menconi, and Mark Anthony Neal.

2:45pm–Hanif Abdurraqib